On Road C645

Compact and efficient C645

The wide model range of KESLA C645 product family of chippers is suitable for mounting on trailers and trucks. KESLA C645 is a comprehensive solution with very high output, low fuel consumption, and good off-road properties.

Rotor options for KESLA C645 chippers are CLASSIC, spiral rotor or HEAVY DUTY in-line rotor. CLASSIC is an open rotor with knives located spirally around the rotor. It is suitable for small engine power and chipping softwood. Rotor axle is welded and knife holders are mounted with two screws. The HEAVY DUTY rotor is suitable for high engine power and chipping hardwood. Construction of the rotor is half-closed with 6 knives located in rows. The rotor axle and rotor are attached with friction sleeve joints and the knife holder is attached with three screws.


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