Harvester Heads Roller 20RH

The KESLA 20RH-II and 20RHS-II are fast and agileheads for thinning and final fellings where the trees’ average diameter is less than 30 cm. the head’s maximum opening is 45 cm.

Considering their size class, these lightweight yet sturdily constructed harvester heads provide exceptionally powerful feeding and sawing forces. Thanks to the 4 delimbing knives, the picking properties and delimbing quality are excellent. Additional accessories include the proCON and hydCON features as well as color marking device, automatic chain tightener and stump treatment device.

The KESLA 20RH-II and 20RHS-II heads can be equipped also for productive biomass harvesting with the unique KESLA proAX – cutting system and multi – stem function ,

The KESLA 20RH-II and 20RHS-II suit 8-13 ton wheeled harvester and excavators




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