Harvester Heads Roller 18RH

With the new frame, delimbing knife, shaft and bearing solutions of the KESLA 18RH II, efforts have been made for even better durability and a lesser need for service even in the most demanding operating conditions. The new, more spacious system enables the achievement of a clearly higher feed force and speed with significantly reduced fuel consumption. The feed is now supplemented with a hydraulic traction control. Along with the changes made in the structures and hydraulics, the serviceability of the grapple has reached an entirely new level.

The KESLA 18RH II is also available with a single movable rear blade. The bolt-on rear blade package can also be installed later. The rear blade improves the delimbing of the trunk and keeps the big trees in the jaws better during the feed.

The new KESLA 18RH-II is suitable for installation on basic machines weighing 7 to 13 tons, and large agricultural tractors/excavators of 7-10 tons.




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