KESLA Forest Technology Impressed the Guess at Demo in The Wood Event

PT Arkadiya Fourhaka Indonesia together with KESLA Oyj left the guess of live-in-woods demonstration of KESLA Forest Technology product a remarkable impression. (The event) was held at (District III Jambi Forest) on March 16th, 2017 and was attended by the some numbers of CEOs of Indonesia’s leading logging corporate.

A large number of Indonesia’s loggers were introduced and able to see the performance of KESLA Harvester Head 20 RHS in action handling trees with 15 - 20 cm diameters and weights ranging from 14 – 257 kg. KESLA 20RH-II and 20RHS-II are fast and agile heads for thinning and final fellings where the trees’ average diameter is less than 30 cm, with the maximum head’s opening is 45 cm. Considering their size class, these lightweight yet strongly built constructed harvester heads provide exceptionally powerful feeding and sawing forces. Equipped with the 4 delimbing knives, the picking properties and delimbing quality are outstanding. With such qualities, KESLA is able to produce fresh timbers up to 12 tons/hour with average 60 trees/hour.

Mr. Alex, (position), who has been using KESLA since the last of 2016 testified that KESLA has helped his team to advance their timber production. In one hour, Mr. Alex and team is able to process 60 – 70 trees, which increased the number od production from (production before using KESLA?). Aside of that, Mr. Budi Sihombing, an operator at Mr. Alex’s forest area, said that KESLA has answered the problem faced by forestry operator team, “I have been in this industry for 15 years and the complain about timber size and high stump by quality control team keep on haunting us. Such problems have been eliminated by the support of KESLA.”

KESLA, the multitalent in forest technology, was established in 1960 and has been sold worldwide to reach and serve customers with the best quality in over 40 countries. PT Arkadiya Fourhakha Indonesia is the first and the only authorized distributor of KESLA in Indonesia and South East Asia.