For more than 7 (seven) years PT Arkadiya Fourhaka Indonesia (AFI) which is member of ARKATO group has been operating in the Forestry and other related industries throughout Indonesia. What distinguished AFI as a Premium Service provider, was the ability to deliver complete solutions, on time and at reasonable costs. With a focus on “life cycle cost”, AFI worked hand-in-hand with its customers to ensure that they benefit from the most efficient and effective cost of ownership on both an ongoing and long-term basis.

In early of November 2016, AFI has obtained trust from reputable and worldwide Harvester Head manufacturer, KESLA Oyj from Finland to represent it product across Indonesia territorial. Since then, a number of initiatives and investment had been taken up to Y2019 in order to determine the most suitable product of KESLA Harvester head shall be sold and distributed and comply with customer experience.

It includes strategic decisions also taken by management, by setting up a new division as part of the organization (Harvesting Contractor Division), as part of the investment for the presence of the KESLA’s dealership. And at the end of the period, we succeeded in getting recognition from one of the largest land owners (APRIL group), for the operation of KESLA products which fulfilled a number of aspects, including

  1. Production
  2. Quality
  3. Operational
  4. HSE
  5. Commercial

Continuing the success of obtaining KESLA dealership, in early 2018, the company again gained the trust of the Tree shear manufacturer from the USA, for their products which already exist in the industry under the DYMAX brand. The presence of DYMAX complements the product portfolio that AFI manages, as well as making AFI an integrated solution provider for the mechanized harvesting industry for acacia and eucalyptus wood applications. 

By integrating the two products (KESLA and DYMAX), and implementing an intense after sales service program, customers will benefit from the increased service capability and efficiency of the company.

The AFI name has been a strong presence in the Indonesian forestry industry for 7 years. The company’s after sales service team understand the needs of the region, and this includes the products to support remote field services technicians.

Driven by the company’s well-established reputation in the industry, AFI also took the decision to become an agent for Farm Tractor products from China under the LOVOL and XCMG brand. This step was followed by the establishment of a general parts division which is one of the company’s services that provides quality and affordable OEM spare parts to its customers.

AFI has capability to distribute the following product:

  • Undercarriage and GET product
  • Filters
  • Industrial Tyre
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Hose and Fitting
  • General Additional Tools
  • Others, subject to customer demands


To be a leading integrated solution provider in Forestry / Agriculture Equipment and Parts Commodity


To fulfill our client needs and adopting professional working environment with honesty, discipline, and determination.



Initiating the initial steps by creating an environment that supports the mechanized harvesting program in the Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) areas owned by RAPP (April Group).

At the end of 2018, the management of the ARKATO group formed a harvesting contractor division that immediately took on the role as a harvesting contractor at RAPP – Teso Estate, supported by Kesla Head products and Dymax Tree Shear.

A year later, this decision bore fruit with the award given to the harvesting contractor team for aspects of workplace safety and productivity at the end of 2019. Currently, the ARKATO harvesting contractor team at Teso Estate operates 10 units of Kesla and 5 units of Dymax, while at Pelalawan Estate, they operate 7 units of Kesla Head and 16 units of Dymax Tree Shear.

This success has inspired the management of the April group to campaign for mechanized harvesting programs in two main areas of the industrial forest, namely Mineral Estate and Lowland Estate.

This success has brought forth a number of new names recorded at RAPP as contractors implementing mechanized harvesting and key partners in the success of the current April group program, such as Dafa Mitra Forestry, Karya Bangsa Indonesia, and so on.


Sebulu is an area that serves as an expanse of plantation forest, covering a vast area of over +285K hectares, with the majority of its vegetation consisting of eucalyptus trees. This land is operated by PT Surya Hutani Jaya (Sinarmas Group).

In early 2023, the ARKATO Harvesting Contractor division decided to expand their success-based services to the Riau region (Teso and Pelalawan) and into the Sebulu area with an initial investment of one fleet, which includes 6 units of Kesla Head and 3 units of Dymax Tree Shear.


The potential industrial plantation forest area, which is equally important, is located in the Muara Enin region, covering approximately 180,000+ hectares, with the majority of its vegetation being eucalyptus trees. This land is owned by PT Musi Hutan Persada (Marubeni Group).

The success of operating Kesla Harvester Head products in the Riau region also inspired the Directors and Management of MHP to explore investment in this equipment to support the productivity of industrial plantation forest harvesting. With investments in Kesla Harvester Head | type 24RH III, the total has now reached 5 units and has the potential to increase in the future.

This success was also optimized by the ARKADIYA team by marketing other products such as the Farm Tractor LOVOL, which also became an investment choice for MHP. In the initial phase, there is one unit of type TD1304 | 130 hp, simultaneously increasing the company’s share of wallet within the MHP group.

It has also been operated by other customers in the Suban area with 2 units of Kesla Harvester Head and 3 units of Dymax Tree Shear.


The Cinta Manis Sugar Mill, located in the Ogan Ilir Regency, is land owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII, established based on Government Regulation No. 12 of 1996.

The potential sugarcane field area in that region covers approximately 24,000 hectares and is managed by several contractors, including one of the largest contractors managing over   15,000+ hectares, CV JOIL Palembang

Through an approach to CV JOIL Palembang, Arkadiya successfully conducted a trial of the Farm Tractor LOVOL unit. The success of the Farm Tractor product trial in the Cinta Manis area ultimately inspired the Directors and Management of CV JOIL Palembang to explore investment in this equipment to support land management and Sugarcane Field maintenance productivity.

With investments in FT LOVOL, including type TD1654 Cabin, FT LOVOL type TD1304, FT LOVOL type TD1004, FT LOVOL type TD904, the total has now reached 22 units and has the potential to increase in the future.


Jambi Province, precisely the Muaro Bungo Regency area, has the important records for the ARKADIYA’s steps in selling and distributing of KESLA  Harvester Head as well.

The Industrial Forest owned and managed by PT Wirakarya Sakti (WKS), which is currently recorded at an area of 187K Ha, is part of the SINARMAS group and approximately  has been 33 years old since the first license was received from the Indonesian Forestry Department.

In this area, KESLA products were first operated by a local contractor, PT Sinar Agung Lestari Pratama (SALP). The KESLA Head models they operated were also very varied, starting from the Kesla 20RHS, 25RHS and also 20SH models. And PT SALP is the first user of KESL products which is still operating it and still gets after-sales support from ARKADIYA up to Today.


GORONTALO is a form of trust in the products which ARKADIYA currently sell and distribute, with the order of 1 unit of LOVOL Tractor 90hp (TD904R) combined with an attachment of a 4T trolley for palm oil transportation applications in the field by a local company there.

This achievement also proves the Company’s commitment to always providing solutions for any industrial need throughout Indonesia.