A Glimpse About Arkadiya ID

Arkadiya is distributor of forestry equipment in Indonesia who concerns with environment, safety and technology optimization to fulfill the needs of forestry industry. We offer equipment to support the activity in forestry, such as harvester head, trailer, loader, grapple and tractor. We are committed to help our client reaching an excellent performance with efficient economical value.

Our Vision ID

To be a leader in forestry equipment technology in Indonesia

Our Mission

To give a better solution in forestry industry

Our Business Priorities ID

Arkadiya is focused on becoming the trusted dealer of forestry equipment to support mechanization of forestry in Indonesia. We aim to advance the forestry industry in Indonesia with full mechanization system.

Mechanization is one of the most important aspect which needs to be fulfilled immediately. Aside of the business aspect, another factors we have to consider is about the international standard and the concern of safe work environment.

Nowadays, major harvesting contractor is still using conventional production system and Arkadiya leads the industry with proposing full mechanization system which results more efficient in cost. Beside that, we also support our client with giving direct support in their working area.

Our Business Profile

Three Key Factors Make Us Outstanding:

Lower Investment values

Arkadiya is committed to provide service and product with lower cost than competitor without decreasing the productivity. This absolutely affect the potential customers in making the decision to purchase our products.

Better After Sales Service

Arkadiya has at least one branch office in each big concession forest for Developing Forestry Plantation or Hutan Tanaman Industri (HTI) in Indonesia to help our clients whenever they face any technical problem or need spare part support.

Efficiency in Production Cost

From the size wise, our products have the lightest weight in its class. This affects the consumption of the fuel of the base machine to the minimum.

Our People

Everyone in Arkadiya is a valuable asset to the company. They hold an important role in setting priorities and driving our growth as a global organization.

Hafizh Kasmir


Faisal Ilyas


Zaiful Zuhri

B&D Manager

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